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We met Faith on our very first photoshoot for the launch of Roomie! Her playful and open-minded nature brings such a good vibe to set with her talent shining through effortlessly. Spending time with Faith leaves you feeling like you've known her for years and eagerly looking forward to the next time you work together. As a photographer, she finds strength in her support group of women in the industry and is passionate about making everyone feel confident through her art.

What’s in your bedside table? I’m a minimalist & I actually don’t have one!

What kind of Roomie are you? The kind that hides in your roommate's room for 10 minutes just to scare them.

In a world where the definition of success is often narrow, how do you personally define and measure your own success? Can you share a moment when you felt you achieved it?

Success to me is going to a shoot & making the client and the talent feel comfortable. If I can get them to laugh and feel like they can be themselves around me, it then turns into better deliverables. When I can make other people feel great, it translates to my art. It’s my favourite thing.

Creativity often thrives in adversity. Can you share a time when you turned a setback into an opportunity for innovation or creative growth?

One instance was when a client cancelled a major shoot last minute. Instead of dwelling on the setback, I used the time to experiment with new techniques and concepts, ultimately refining my style and expanding my portfolio with other shoots I am passionate about. This experience taught me resilience and the importance of adaptability & patience in the creative process.

What’s your secret sauce for keeping your fire burning bright when faced with the inevitable bumps in the road?

Knowing you have a great support group & friends around you. Especially within the industry. I have found a few women in the same industry that are consistent, always show up & always support me. That’s been an absolute game changer.

Looking ahead, what’s one bold initiative or project you’re passionate about pursuing and why does it resonate so deeply with you?

I couldn’t say there is just one project that I’m passionate about pursuing. I love every aspect of my job, which I know a lot of people can’t say, so I’m honoured I can. There is so much beauty everywhere you look and being able to make every woman feel comfortable and for them to know they are beautiful is a really incredible feeling.

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