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Content Creator, Producer, Model

We crossed paths with Noémie on our first campaign and were instantly drawn to her energetic smile (and curls!). She embodies the Roomie brand with her kindness, creativity and love for hosting dinners. With roots in the French Caribbean, Noémie brings a refreshing perspective to the industry and advocates for the inclusion of women from diverse backgrounds, knowing your worth, and manifesting dreams into reality.

What’s in your bedside table? My Pepper & Plum candle, “21 Atomic Habits” and a cute mushroom-shaped bedside lamp.

What kind of Roomie are you?  I would describe myself as the very clean type, but I also strive to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for everyone. I enjoy hosting spontaneous dinners and board game nights, and I'm always excited to share updates on the latest interior design pieces I have in mind for the flat (for better or for worse).

How do you navigate and advocate for the rights of women from diverse backgrounds in your work?

As someone with roots in Guadeloupe (part of the French Caribbean), I believe in advocating for the inclusion of women from all backgrounds. I've grown accustomed to a culture that values diversity and inclusion in France and I’d like to bring that same mindset to my work here in Australia.

Can you tell us about someone who has played a significant role in shaping your journey, and how their influence impacted you?

I had the chance to work under a great manager during my time at a fashion company, and from the get-go I remember thinking, 'I want to be like her. She embodied strength and resilience in the corporate world while also being a supportive mentor to her team.

She taught me that success doesn't mean compromising your values, and her ability to balance work and family life as a mother of two children showed me the importance of finding fulfilment in both aspects of life.

What unconventional piece of advice would you offer young women based on your own experiences?

Firstly, trust your instincts. Sometimes, opportunities may seem enticing on the surface, but if something doesn't feel right in your gut, I believe it’s important to listen to that intuition and walk away. Secondly, know your worth. It's easy to fall into the trap of undervaluing yourself, but it's essential to recognise the unique skills and talents you bring to the table. Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself and push for opportunities that align with your true value! Oh, and if I'm allowed a third one: If you know what you want or dream of, go for it, manifest it, and put things into action! You'll be amazed at how everything starts falling into place!

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